Taking your business to new heights requires: a solid plan, the right opportunity and the capital to make it happen.

Our process is rooted in developing a deep understanding of your business, the markets you operate in and your potential for growth. This means getting to know your operation – and conducting extensive research. Providing a data-driven understanding of the market, along with your plans to capture the opportunity, allows us to articulate to investors why they should buy a stake in your potential.

We believe in the power of focus – using our expertise and support allows you to focus on running your business, while we take care of fund raising. Other advantages of using our services include keeping the process confidential for longer, while signalling to capital markets that you are serious about getting a deal done.

Eau Capital & Advisory support during an equity raise looks something like this:

  • Develop understanding of your business and research your market.
  • Prepare materials to market your opportunity.
  • Prepare financial model with cash flow projections.
  • Reaching out to select investors to test interest.
  • With your approval, we take it to all the parties we think are suited to invest.
  • Organize the entire process when investors show interest:
    • Provide clarity on key issues to investors.
    • Share feedback from the market.
    • Coordinate discussions between investors & management.
    • Navigating conversations through common deal pitfalls.
    • Support getting the Letter of Intent in place.
    • Facilitate the due diligence process and negotiations.
    • Support throughout the legal process until the deal is done.
    • Support with post closing adjustments.