Selling a business that you built is likely your most important transaction.

Bringing Eau Capital & Advisory to the table allows you to focus on your operation, while ensuring you receive the right value for your business. We’ve assisted in several sale processes and can match your requirements to the right buyers.

There are a number of considerations that go beyond the cash on close, such as continued involvement in the business, your brand as a legacy, and the future plans for your business & employees.

Similar to a growth equity process, we take substantial time at the outset to understand your business and sale requirements, doing initial due diligence to discover and avoid potential hiccups. This understanding translates into a solid message to the capital markets, one that showcases the business you’ve created.

Ideally, we’re involved from your first contemplation of selling the business. This way, we can provide insights to increase the value of the business, and cleanup potential hurdles well in advance of a sale process.

Once you’ve decided to pull the trigger, we prepare a customized information package, including financial performance & projections for investors to quickly understand your business and the opportunity before them.

As we receive letters of intent, we assist in negotiating key points of concern, and advising on selecting which letter of intent to pursue. We’ll coordinate all the due diligence efforts and stay involved through the drafting of legal documents and any post-closing adjustments.

While we’re in the market, our services look something like:

  • Develop understanding of your business & research your market.
  • Prepare materials to market your opportunity.
  • Prepare financial model with cash flow projections.
  • Reaching out to select buyers to test interest.
  • With your approval, we take it to all the parties we think are suited to buy.
  • Organize the entire process when buyers show interest:
    • Provide clarity on key issues & concerns.
    • Share feedback from the market.
    • Coordinate discussions between buyers & management.
    • Navigating conversations through common deal pitfalls.
    • Support selection of Letter of Intent to pursue.
    • Facilitate the due diligence process and negotiations.
    • Support throughout the legal process until the deal is done.
    • Support with post closing adjustments.